Thick or Gallery Edge Stretched Canvas

Below are four different types of our thick-edge canvases.
The light-weight frames (light blue label) come with a 380 gsm triple-primed cotton canvas. These are the most economical but still high quality canvases.
The heavy duty frames (black label) are made with heavier furniture-grade pine and have a 450gsm triple-primed cotton canvas. These are favoured by professionals and enthusiasts looking for an excellent quality canvas.
The last two are the elite, both Linen Canvases. These are made with the highest quality heavy frames. The white Linen canvases (blue and black label) are a 500 gsm pure Linen with white gesso. The brown canvas is 450 gsm pure Linen with transparent gesso that shows the natural linen. Both are the highest quality and a total pleasure to paint on.