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Posca Marker Info Page

Posca Paint Markers are permanent markers with waterproof, acrylic ink. They don’t dry instantly like alcohol markers but within a few minutes the artwork is usually touch dry. The ink is high-pigment and light-fast meaning the vibrancy of the artwork will last without fading. The inks are all non-toxic.
*Please note our prices can be as low as half of what you’ll pay elsewhere.

The colours are solid, eye-catching and flat matt in appearance, a look that is very unique to Posca Markers. The colours remain constant through the various sized pens, so a blue in the largest size will be identical to the blue in an ultrafine.

Above shows the different Posca Marker Nibs and the various line thicknesses.

Posca pens come in various sizes with different shaped nibs. Line thicknesses vary from a chunky 15mm down to a .7mm (similar to a broad biro). There is also a brush nib for those who prefer using paint strokes. The nibs are made for many different applications. The most popular for rock painting, shoe-art and other small hobby projects is the Fine and Extra Fine. Whereas surfboard and skateboard painters tend to use the Medium Bullet Tip 5M. The Broad Chisel 17K is often used on windows and for larger projects. Colour availability is varied with some sizes having up to 49 colours.

tip tile 7m

Make sure to shake your Posca before each use as this will mix the pigment and solvent to give you the best, longest lasting performance.

Posca’s need to be primed before first use. Make sure you give the pens a good shake so the ball-bearing inside is moving around freely. Then follow the instructions to prime the nib ready for use.

Posca’s can be used on many surfaces including metal, wood, glass, most plastics, plaster, canvas and more. Some surfaces can give a better result if primed first but it is surprising how many surfaces Posca ink will paint successfully. Once dry, the artwork can be sealed with spray or paint-on varnish. This is especially recommended for any surface that may be subject to wear, like surfboards or skateboards. Also, 2 pack resin can be poured over artwork for a glossy, under-glass look.

Posca artwork can be baked onto ceramics and glass at 160C for about 45 minutes, then varnished once cooled. Fixing onto fabrics can be achieved by dry-ironing (not steam) the back of the material, on the flip-side of the artwork. Use baking paper to protect the ironing board, just in case.

To remove old Posca ink from windows or windscreens use a scraper blade at an angle to peel the posca away from the glass. Clean up with window cleaner (Windex works best).

posca lineup4
Above is a Posca Marker size comparison and colours available in each size.

The nib is pictured with each pen describing the approximate line the pen will draw in one stroke. The number of colours available changes for each category and is written in red.

Tip: A wet brush can be used to blend and give gradients of colour to Posca ink.

Update – The newest Posca is the Mop’r. It paints the largest line in one swipe (2cm) and the nib applies a lot of ink because of high saturation.

title mop posca8

The Mop’r comes in 8 colours and uses the same ink as the other Posca’s but the bottle has more ink than any other pen, making it great for any larger applications. The bottles come with a ball bearing inside and needs a good shake to mix the liquids before each use.

mop posca line12
Available as singles or in sets.

You can use Posca’s on windows. The dry paint scrapes off then use a window cleaner like Windex to clean up. Here’s some Posca art we did on the shop window.

grinch window

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