Posca Marker News and Info

To see the colours available please go here

Posca have 7 new colours in the 5M, medium bullet tip, taking the available colours to 49. The new colours are English Green, Ochre, Raspberry, Ruby Red, Cacao, Deep Grey and Prussian Blue. See them here.

Posca Size Guide

For those who haven’t tried Posca Markers they could be a fun way to expand your artistic repertoire. Posca’s come in all shapes, sizes and colours but it’s the nib sizes and uses that will interest most artists, as the inks remain the same through the range.

posca lineup

The inks are acrylic and behave in a similar way to acrylic paint, drying to a waterproof finish in roughly the same time. The look is unique though. Acrylic paint and some inks have a glossy look whereas Posca’s are flat matt when dry.

They can be used on prepared canvas like any other paint. Blending can be achieved with a damp brush. Once dry they can be sealed with varnish or resins like normal acrylics.

To see the colours available please go here

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