Posca Marker Basics

Posca Paint Markers are acrylic paint pens that dry to become waterproof. The paint is thin enough to flow like ink allowing it to be applied via markers. The drying time varies depending on how thick the ink is applied but can be from 2 to 20 minutes. The ink is high-pigment and light-fast making it perfect for outdoor applications. The ink is non-toxic.

The colours are solid, eye-catching and flat matt in appearance, a look that is very unique to Posca artwork. The colours remain constant through the various sized pens, so a blue in the largest size will be identical to the blue in ultrafine.

The pens come in various sizes with different shaped nibs. Line thicknesses vary from a chunky 15mm down to a .7mm (similar to a broad biro). There is also a brush nib for those who prefer using paint strokes. The nibs are made for many different art-styles. The most popular for surfboard’s and skateboards are the 5M (the middle red one). The 17K (pink one furthest to left) can often be seen on used car windscreens. Colour availability is varied with some sizes having more than 40 colours.

Tip: A wet brush can be used to blend and give gradients of colour to Posca ink.
Posca’s can be used directly on many surfaces including metal, wood, glass, most plastics, plaster, canvas and more. Once dry, the artwork can be sealed with spray or paint-on varnish. Artists acrylic varnish is recommended. Also, 2 pack resin can be poured over artwork for a glossy, under-glass look. 
To remove from windows or windscreens use a scraper blade at an angle to peel the posca away from the glass. Clean up with window cleaner (Windex works best).

The picture above shows the different size Posca Markers available. The nib is pictured with each pen describing the approximate line the pen will draw in one stroke. The number of colours available changes for each category and is written in red. The largest Posca is shown here as 16cm long and should give you an idea of all the other pen sizes by comparison.

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